Rice Porridge ( Nombu Kanji)

Ramadan Kareem! Once again we are in Ramadan. It  is the 9th month of  Islamic calendar and the month which Holy Quran revealed makes it more special. During this month we fast dawn to dusk and in between we don’t eat or drink anything and sexual relations is also forbidden during fasting hours. Today I am … More Rice Porridge ( Nombu Kanji)


Spicy Egg Curry

Hi Friends 😊! Today I am going to share a very easy curry with you all. It tastes great too. Ingredients Boiled Eggs            3 Sliced Big Onion   1 Chopped Tomato  1 Green Chili              1-2 Curry Leaves           few Chilli … More Spicy Egg Curry

Milk Toffee

These cute Little pieces of milk toffees are one of my favorite sweets from childhood days. When I was little there was this aunty near our home used to make them for every festival and never forgot to share with us. we were eagerly waiting for her milk toffees on every festival days. I still … More Milk Toffee

Potato Murukku

Last week we bought some bites from super market and it had the name potato chips on it. But it actually looked like murukku. So the idea of making murukku with boiled potatoes struck to me on that time. I mentally prepared the list and named it potato murukku. For some reason I just search … More Potato Murukku

Zebra Bundt Cake

For this cake I used the same recipe as Zebra Cake. Actually I made this one with the leftover batter when I made zebra cake. My son loved this shape more than the other one. Here I am not going to  write how to make the batter rather simply going to explain how I made it.no … More Zebra Bundt Cake


  This is a famous dessert in most part of the Sri lankan households. Almost there won’t be any function without this yummy dessert. this is my hubby’s all time favorite and my dad’s also. It is very easy to make and you only need 2 main ingredients. Some of them using coconut milk also to … More Watalappam