Jelly Pinwheel


Happy to Back after sometimes. I have three recipes in my hand which I tried last week. I Decided to share a sweet  and easy recipe with you all as a treat for your waiting. I made jelly pinwheels 2 days back and it turned out great. first  I tried with lemon flavour with original recipe , but the marshmallow layer was too thick for  my liking . so I reduced the marshmallow and tried again, it worked well for me. You can make which way you want.

Original recipe is  calling for 1 ½ cup of marshmallows but I used only one here. I prefer 1 cup of marshmallow. To make this we only need 3 ingredients.


  • Any flavoured jelly          1 pack
  • water           1/2 cup   [ 125 ml ]
  • marshmallows                1 cup

Take a 8″×8″  or 9″×9″  Tray and  butter up it or apply some oil and wipe it well. keep it aside.

Take microwave safe ball combine jelly and water. microwave on high for 1 minute. using a whisk , stir well until jelly is fully dissolved. Add in marshmallows and microwave on high for 30-45 seconds, just until marshmallows begin to puff. you do not want to melt them.whisk until marshmallows are dissolved into the jelly.

at this stage this mixture will be very sticky, quickly pour into the prepared pan and refrigerate for 45 minutes or until well set.

The jelly will separate from the marshmallow by itself. use a knife to run around the edges of the jelly and roll it up. Taking a thread you can cut down the jello pinwheels easily and it was very fun too. My pinwheels are not even, it was my first time to use a thread.

wpid-img_20150908_210028.jpg                    wpid-img_20150909_072119.jpg

I watched the video to help me with the steps. she is well explaing every step and you can see how to cut with a thread. here is the link to that video : 


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