Ghee Biscuit/Cookies


It’s been a month  since I started this blog.And I am very much happy with the progressing. Thank you so much for your supports. I never thought I would ever get this much hits and followers. But thanks to you guys it became possible. I know my writing is not perfect and you will find grammar mistakes here and there. I am not a native speaker, so pls bear with my mistakes.

Now back to the recipe, This is an easy cookie recipe with only 4 ingredients. I have made it a lot of times and every time it was a winner. these cookie  just melts in your mouth and you will probably love it.


  • All Purpose Flour        500 g
  • Ghee                           300 g
  • Powdered sugar          250 g
  • Baking Powder            1 1/2 tsp

In a bowl sift the flour,sugar and baking powder together. add the ghee little by little and knead well  until you get a  soft and non sticky dough. now shape it into small lime sized balls and cut it to half.

now place the cookies in baking tray and bake them in a preheated oven for 20 -25 minutes at 150º C. remove from the oven and let it cool. Once they are cooled store in a air tight container.



If the dough is dry and hard add more ghee to kneed.

You can adjust the sugar amount per your taste.

If you want you can add some vanilla.

also you can top with a raisin to decorate.

you can make nearly 130 small cookies from this amount of dough.


20 thoughts on “Ghee Biscuit/Cookies

  1. Oh my gosh yet again an old favourite (i esp made these for my kids when they were toddlers n being picky eaters- so i would use wheatflour n add nuts n currants to make them into energy bites) but ur recipe sounds like it’ll come out well and just seems to be more streamlined n make sense to me!

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  2. Look nice n soft! I am definitely going to try this recipe! Thankyou for posting it. I have recipes on my other site
    Hope you’ll enjoy them. I already know my son and I would love these. Thanks for posting! And thanks for the like! I’m new and been doing this about five weeks now so I appreciate you visiting. Have a blessed day.

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    1. Thank you so much georgio. You should try it. It tastes amazing. Welcome to the blogging world. Yes sure hope to visit your blog often and I hope you will also visit mine. We can help each other.


  3. Finally i made these today- Mashallah they r absolutely gorgeous, having a flavour of a local delicacy here called “nankhatai” which i love. So a HUGE Jazakumullah!! My daughter is taking them into school tomoro for her friends as well (they had liked my previous batch of peanut butter choc chip cookies which i had made for the school bake sale) ☺☺ many kids had asked for that recipe n i’m sure many will ask for this recipe too so i’ll just give them ur blog link Inshallah.

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