This is a famous dessert in most part of the Sri lankan households. Almost there won’t be any function without this yummy dessert. this is my hubby’s all time favorite and my dad’s also. It is very easy to make and you only need 2 main ingredients. Some of them using coconut milk also to make this pudding, my grandma sometimes used to make with very thick fresh coconut milk. that was very tasty too. but we all prefer non coconut milk version. so today I am going to share that one with you all.


  • Egg    10
  • Jaggery  400g
  • Vanilla essence   1/2 tsp (optional)
  • Cardamom         3 pods

Put the grated jaggery in a large bowl and add in eggs. mix well with a spoon or a spatula. Now beat the egg and  jaggery mixture with a whisk or a spoon ( I prefer a spoon ) until, when you can scoop a spoon full of egg mixture without falling. Make sure the jaggery is fully dissolved. now add the crushed cardamoms to the egg mixture.

Strain this mixture through a fine strainer to a prepared pan and add the vanilla, give a quick mix.

steam it for 30 minutes or until a knife inserted in to the center came out clean. you can steam it in a steamer or rice cooker just like steaming string hoppers or in a deep pan fill water up to 1/3 and keep the pan inside, cover with a lid and steam it in medium flame for 30 minutes or until done.





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