Zebra Bundt Cake


For this cake I used the same recipe as Zebra Cake. Actually I made this one with the leftover batter when I made zebra cake. My son loved this shape more than the other one. Here I am not going to  write how to make the batter rather simply going to explain how I made it.no changes in anything except the shape.but this is quit easier than the zebra cake.  I enjoyed  every single moment with my son when I made this lovely cake. so I thought to share it with you all. my 3 years old son insisted on to take some photos by himself. so some photos won’t be clear and i lost some of them.


To make this we need a bundt pan or a tube pan. I used my tube pan as it is much easier to remove the cake. greased the pan and keep it aside.

Make the vanilla and chocolate cake batter using Zebra cake recipe. Or else you can make it with any butter cake or sponge cake recipe you like.

Take 2 tbs of  white batter and place it on the pan. Now take 2 tbs of chocolate batter and place it over the white batter just like you did with the zebra cake. no need to worry about the perfect design, just alternate the batter and do the same process of placing over 2 tbs of batter over and over until pan is full.


Bake the cake In a preheated Oven at 180ºC/350ºF for 40-50 minutes until a small knife inserted into the center came out clean.

let it cool for 15 minutes and remove the cake from pan. now you can serve this gorgeous looking cake a with hot cup of tea for a lovely evening.



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