Potato Murukku


Last week we bought some bites from super market and it had the name potato chips on it. But it actually looked like murukku. So the idea of making murukku with boiled potatoes struck to me on that time. I mentally prepared the list and named it potato murukku. For some reason I just search the internet for potato murukku and there goes a list of recipes in front my eyes. To be honest I was disappointed a bit. Because It is not my invention. Anyway I made the murukkus and it turned out great. This is a very easy no fail murukku even a beginner can succeed easily.



  • Medium Boiled Potato                 1
  • Rice Flour                                    1 cup
  • Oil/Butter                                   1.5 tbs
  • Cumin Seed                               1/2 tsp
  • Salt    to taste
  • Water    as per need  [1/8 cup]
  • Chili Powder                               1 tsp [ optional]
  • Oil                      for deep frying

Pressure cook the potato for at least 6 whistles on medium flame so that it is soft. peel off the skin and immediately mash it with a spoon when it is hot. Or else let it cool down and using a mixer grind the potatoes into a smooth paste without using water. I used a mixer and it was easy.


In a mixing bowl add flour,oil,cumin seed,salt and potato paste.


First mix it well and gradually add water little by little to form a smooth no sticky soft dough.[ next time hope to replace the water with coconut milk.]


Using a murukku press you can now make your cute ones. but as i do not have a murukku press I used my icing syringe to make it. I tried with all the nozzles to make it so my murukkus are not same design. you can press the murukku on a greased laddles or on a greased foil paper.


Heat the oil in a pan and deep fry them in medium flame. check the heat by adding a pinch of dough, if it raises immediately then it is ready to put the murukku. Now carefully flip over the prepared murukkus and deep fry until it turned to slight golden brown colour. if you used chili powder then it will turn dark in colour. drain in tissue paper and store in a air tight container.



The murukkus are more crunchy when it is thin.

Do not use more than 1.5 tbs butter as it will make murukku crumble.

I prefer a murukku press to make this but it is not necessary, just my opinion.

If you do not like cumin seed then, you can omit it.

Water no need to be hot or warm, you can use normal water.


13 thoughts on “Potato Murukku

  1. Wow.. This is a real invention now.. I haven’t ever heard or eaten potato murrukus.. Must have been yum n crunchy.. 😋😋😋The pics say it all..😉
    Good yar.. Maybe il try it soon.. With the festive season coming up this looks like a real treat and also we here in south have an habit if eating papad with meals so this can also act as one as it has potatoes.. Great dish..😊😊 Thanks for sharing.. 💞💞💞

    Liked by 1 person

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