Semolina And Oats Idli


This idli recipe is very easy and healthy too. You don’t need to keep the batter to rest, you can make it immediately. it comes out handy when you have to make dinner for visitors. I make them for dinner and breakfast most of the times as it is not time consuming and same time healthy as well. First time I made this idli, when we had visitors for dinner and it was a hit. All loved it.


  • Semolina                1 1/2 cup
  • Instant Oats           1/2 cup [grinded]
  • Curd                          1 cup
  • Grated Carrot         1/2 cup
  • Baking Soda           1 tsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Ghee                        1 tbs
  • Water                     as needed
  • Cashew [break into half]   10-12
  • Curry Leaves chopped  2 tbs [optional]


img_20151206_221711.jpg img_20151206_221938.jpg img_20151206_222116.jpg

In a pan fry the cashews in ghee and keep aside. in the same ghee  add the carrots and saute  until it shrinks and add in semolina  roast it for  3 more minutes and  add the grinded instant oats give a quick mix and switched off the stove. let it cool down for few minutes and keep aside.

img_20151206_222322.jpg img_20151206_222443.jpg img_20151206_222615.jpg

now add in  curd, salt and baking soda, mix well until all are combined. add enough water to get the correct consistency of idli batter.[around 1/2-3/4 cup water] after mixing don’t let it sit for more time.apply some oil to the idli molds and place the cashews upside down as shown in the picture above and pour the batter immediately into idli moulds and steam for 5-8 minutes. after 4-5 minutes unmould the idli and serve it with a chutney.


  • If you want you can take 1:1 semolina:oats to make this idli.
  • do not allow to sit the batter long, after baking soda is added.




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