Creamy Orange Popsicle

picsart_05-10-10.06.16.jpg As the temperature is increasing day by day, it’s the best time to take your popsicle recipes out. Here now the temperature is more than 40°c and humidity is less than 30.yeah! Super hot now 😓😓.

My Son also requesting me to make some of these for quite  sometime now. Summer and son’s wish both are good enough reason for me to try some. As I had bunch of oranges I went with a orange popsicle recipe and Wow! It was  super good and my son loved it soo much that he ate his father’s one too.😊😉

This recipe yields 4 medium size pops.


  • Orange Juice                               1/2 cup
  • Vanilla flavoured yoghurt      1/2 cup
  • Sugar                                             1 tbs


In a small saucepan, combine juice  and sugar over medium-low. Cook while stirring  until sugar is completely dissolved.

Mix with yoghurt and beat well with a spoon or a whisk. Transfer to  ice-pop molds and   Freeze  about 6 hours until pops are solid. (I freezed the overnight ). Briefly run molds under hot water to release pops.



19 thoughts on “Creamy Orange Popsicle

  1. oh my gosh! my daughter is going ‘yum’! We had just converted some left-over cold coffee into popsicles and were wondering what to do next (considering turning Ovaltine into a popsicle!!… hmm) so thank u we’ll make these next inshallah

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