Zebra Bundt Cake

For this cake I used the same recipe as Zebra Cake. Actually I made this one with the leftover batter when I made zebra cake. My son loved this shape more than the other one. Here I am not going to  write how to make the batter rather simply going to explain how I made it.no … More Zebra Bundt Cake

Zebra Cake

From the day I saw a picture of a zebra cake for the first time, I was eager to try it. Finally I made it last week. but I could not share it with you all, as it was a very busy week. so finally here I am.  Late wishes for my readers those who … More Zebra Cake

Homemade Bread

This is the third time I made this bread recipe, I was dying to share this recipe for a while now. I tried again couple of times to confirm and it turned out great every time.  So it took some time to post it. Bread is very soft and a very tasty. when first time … More Homemade Bread

Nutella Bread

Who do not like chocolate, me too not an exception. this is the second time I tried this recipe and it turned out well both times. I used my own dough for this one. without further delay we’ll see how to do it. hope you will all like it. Ingredients           … More Nutella Bread