Zebra Bundt Cake

For this cake I used the same recipe as Zebra Cake. Actually I made this one with the leftover batter when I made zebra cake. My son loved this shape more than the other one. Here I am not going to  write how to make the batter rather simply going to explain how I made it.no … More Zebra Bundt Cake

Zebra Cake

From the day I saw a picture of a zebra cake for the first time, I was eager to try it. Finally I made it last week. but I could not share it with you all, as it was a very busy week. so finally here I am.  Late wishes for my readers those who … More Zebra Cake

Easy Steamed Cupcake

This simple cake is very easy to make and taste amazing. All you need is some simple ingredients that can be easily find in your pantries. I decorated this cake with vanilla buttercream frosting. you can serve them plain or  with whatever frosting you like. i got this recipe from meow on you tube.  This … More Easy Steamed Cupcake